About Us

Dirt and Grime - Be Gone!

Our sky-high expectations fly in the face of complacency, eventually soaring up and above. Because that’s the space where eagles truly dominate. For far too long, those name brands have done nothing in the name of innovation — leaving you grounded with lesser-than options when it comes to more sophisticated cleaning know-how.

Outdated formulas. Toxic irritants. Below-average performance. Noxious scents. Cracked, chafed skin. Low-quality clean. All of it inferior. All of it unnecessary.

These are truths we hold as self-evident from our steely American perspective. And so we seek to annihilate the old, tired ways of those ubiquitous brands — placing them in the crosshairs as prey. And as consequence, you get to fly on the fast wings of Eagle Grit and align with a vast assortment of high-quality cleaning products to believe in.

Products proven to outperform. Products that are easy on your skin and the environment. Products created completely from scratch. All of them mass-produced by our family — for you and yours — at our U.S.-based warehouse to preserve and protect the sanctity of your hard work and the beauty of this fine country.

So, come and soar with us — get Eagle Grit clean for every job and be ready for whatever’s next.